Merry Christmas to all our customers and clients. We wish you all the happiness of the coming season and beyond.

It is that time of year when we should reflect back and then hope forward. We want to celebrate some of our successes in 2019. But, then, in the spirit of continuous improvement, we want to look forward to 2020.

The year we have just loved

Our heating, plumbing and electrical teams have continued to work hard. Whether it is in our customers’ homes or around the sites of our commercial clients, we have continued to demand complete satisfaction. We value all our customers and we know that you rely on us to deliver.

We have had some proud moments in 2019. On September 11th we were awarded Safety Contractor of the Year by Morgan Sindell. We are particularly proud of this award because we see safety as the primary goal of the company. A top tier main contractor saw our work and was compelled to reward us for our policies and procedures.

Then, there are the actions of our staff for the local community. James Preston impressed everyone when he jumped out of a plane and completed a skydive for Chestnut Tree House. This children’s charity offers hospice care to young people who are so sick they are not expected to survive. They also support children with life-shortening conditions to make the most of the time they have. This is such an important charity and we are proud of James and his courage! More than £2000 was raised for young people.

The year ahead

A continued focus on customer satisfaction and upholding our safety standards are significant goals for 2020. We do not take our successes in 2019 for granted and we hope to build on our strengths. We always reflect and always seek to improve.

However, we also have to acknowledge the current concerns about the climate and the wider environment. We know that good maintenance of plumbing, heating and electrical equipment can ensure efficiency. With greater efficiency, less energy and therefore fewer resources will be needed to progress our lives. We feel that our engineers can work with you to improve your infrastructure so your carbon footprint is as low as it can be.

But for now…

It is time to stop and enjoy your family and friends. You can stop the hustle and bustle and eat, drink and be merry in the safe knowledge that our engineers will be out as quickly as possible if you need an emergency electrician, heating or plumbing engineer in Sussex, Surrey or Hampshire.

Our emergency plumber and emergency electrician numbers are as follows:

We wish you all the happiness at this wonderful time of year.

Contact Paine Manwaring for professional help and advice this winter and into the future. Our whole team is ready for your call, ready to fulfil your projects for the coming year.