You may be wondering why you need a boiler service in September. It could feel a little depressing to think about the time you need to switch the heating on.

You are right to believe that summer is not yet fully behind you. However, you do not want to be one of the people in late October or early November (when the first snap of frost arrives), to switch on your boiler and have nothing happen.

Here are the big reasons why you should think of getting your boiler serviced now.

Avoiding an emergency

We have an emergency call-out service. We are happy to be with you as soon as we can to help get you warm again. However, for the time it takes us to get to you, it will be cold in your home, and you will have no hot water. This is a significant inconvenience and one that is easily avoided.

You will also be surprised by how busy we get in late October and early November. There may be a lot of people experiencing the same breakdown as you, and they would like an emergency appointment too. In terms of cost-effectiveness and efficiency, it makes much more sense to book your boiler in for a service now.

Maintenance over repair – what happens during a boiler service?

Gas Safe engineers, who are certified to deal with boilers, will tell you that it is essential to undertake regular maintenance. There are a lot of working parts in a boiler, and any one of the valves, or seals, or pipes can fail and prevent you from getting the warmth you need. Not only is maintenance much cheaper over the long-term, but it also prevents you from experiencing major inconvenience.

Your Gas Safe engineer from Paine Manwaring will begin the service by undertaking a set of tests to make sure your boiler is safe, and then that it is efficient. They will first want to know if there are any faults, and then they will work to adjust anything that will help the boiler work more effectively.

The engineer will check the boiler controls, the gas pressure and the gas consumption. All the internal components are visually checked for signs of distress. They will check that the flue meets standards and the combustion levels are not only within safe limits, but also at their optimum to provide maximum efficiency. All your seals will be tested, and the engineer will identify areas of corrosion and leaks and, if necessary, clean essential boiler parts.

Why worry now?

Most experts will tell you that your boiler should be checked annually – in order to keep up with your warranty, stay safe in your home and avoid breakdowns. You may have a plan and regular appointment for this service already. If so, you do not need to worry – you have made an excellent choice.

However, if it has been a while since your boiler was checked, then you should book an appointment now. Our engineers are nowhere near as busy as they will be when the weather turns colder, and they will be able to save you the inconvenience of an emergency call.

Regular maintenance of your boiler makes plain good sense. You will prolong the life of your boiler, avoid major mechanical failure, and guarantee your boiler is working safely and efficiently ready for the winter to come.