Temperatures have risen dramatically in the last few weeks. As such, it might seem strange to think about your boiler. Who needs more heat right now? Who is even considering anything more than a lukewarm shower?

You don’t need your boiler

The reason to choose a time when you don’t need your boiler is because you don’t need it to be working. In the winter your boiler is likely to be working, morning until night and any work would require you to switch it off for an extended period. This means you are going to be cold for a good while.

When you switch your boiler off after a long, hard winter, you have the perfect opportunity to get it serviced without being inconvenienced. This will give your heating engineer the time and space to do all sorts of tests that would just be plain difficult in the winter.

Your engineer has flexibility

Ask a boiler engineer when life gets super busy and they will say late autumn, early winter, just as the population choose to switch on the boiler for the first time in a while.

The likelihood of something having gone wrong during these latent months is relatively high. Suddenly, the heating engineer’s worklist is crammed full and waiting times to get an appointment grow. Getting in your heating engineer in the summer will help you beat the rush.

Beating the rush also means you can choose a time for your boiler engineer visit that better suits you. Losing even more money because you need to take time off work adds a big dose of salt to a wound.

You are buying peace of mind

When the boiler is off and you are having it serviced, you are pre-empting problems. If you wait to switch on the boiler and then react if there is a problem, then your costs will increase.

Therefore, a service in the summer will identify any issue before it becomes a problem. If the worst happens and you need a new boiler, then the fact it is July or August means you are not put under pressure to find the money straight away.

Ultimately, this means you are buying some peace of mind when having your boiler serviced in the summer. You know that when you flick the switch on that chilly December, or should we say September, morning, then the boiler will fire up on command. Proactive care and maintenance are always cheaper and less stressful than an emergency call to a boiler engineer.

Book now and don’t chill later

There’s a lot to be said for advance planning when you invite your heating engineer in to care for your boiler in August.

Not only have you prevented a potential disaster with an expensive piece of equipment, but you have been able to dictate the terms of when this maintenance takes place.

You will ultimately save money and ensure your family’s comfort through the winter too.

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