When looking to hire a commercial plumber or electrical contractor for your project, you might be led into thinking that anyone who carries out heating, plumbing and electrical work could be up to the job.

Unfortunately, this is a potentially costly mistake, as there are quite a few differences in what’s required, when it comes to commercial and domestic projects – so it’s worth taking the time to be assured that the company you choose is up to the job.

It goes without saying that it is vital to check up on the commercial projects that your electrical contractor or heating and plumbing specialist has worked on in the past and to get evidence of the quality of the work they have done, but what is it that makes commercial and domestic work so different?

The Differences Between Domestic and Commercial Work

When we’re talking about working on a large construction project, or major industrial premises, clearly the work involved will be on a larger scale than in a domestic residence and potentially require the involvement of a larger team, in order to have the work carried out on schedule.

Then there’s the greater complexities of the heating, plumbing and electrical systems to take into account. A system which is to service a large building, such as a hospital or school, will be much larger and more complex than the kind that you might use in a domestic household. Experience and knowledge of these systems is a must – especially in cases where having heating, plumbing and electrical systems which work effectively and efficiently at all times is vital, such as in a healthcare setting.

Other considerations before you choose your heating, plumbing and electrical contractors include:

  • Whether they have knowledge of industrial health and safety rules and other relevant legislation which must be adhered to.
  • Will they be able to work reliably, professionally and efficiently to reduce any business downtime or hold ups in the work schedule?
  • Is there an awareness of the different types of fittings required for systems which have to be able to withstand much heavier use?
  • Are there any additional servicing or maintenance requirements they can carry out?
  • When it comes to the regeneration of older buildings – do they have the knowledge of how to update systems to bring them into the current hi-tech world?
  • Can they carry out the work on budget?

Commercial Heating and Plumbing Contractors

Our team of plumbing contractors and heating experts have vast experience of commercial and industrial plumbing and heating contracts.

When you choose Paine Manwaring for your commercial project, you’ll benefit from a professional team of Gas Safe heating and plumbing engineers who have proven experience of completing work to an excellent standard, on time and within budget.

Plumbing and heating work that we’ve carried out within the commercial sector has, over the years, included repairs and pipework replacement, large scale heating and plumbing contracts and full in-house design, supply and installation.

Our management structure enables us to work together as a team with building contractors to ensure the successful completion of projects and to fully meet the high standards required by our clients.

Past projects have included new office facilities, hospital buildings and wings, replacement boiler and plant rooms, leisure facilities, new schools, colleges and education facilities.

Electrical Contractors in Worthing, Chichester and beyond

Paine Manwaring has provided electrical contractors for commercial projects of all shapes and sizes who can handle the electrical side of the entire process, from planning and installation through to maintenance and servicing.

Projects have ranged from a complete building rewire, through to the supply and installation of a full electrical supply and services, including electric modular boilers, lighting changes, security and fire systems, immersion heaters and storage heaters.

We have established experience of commercial contracting practices and are able to work as part of a wider team as electrical contractors within various contract structures across West Sussex.

Our large commercial electrical contracting division boasts a strong track record of work with government, commercial and industrial clients. We have extensive experience of working with local and public authorities, building contractors and clients in industry and business, providing new-build installation, refurbishment and restoration when and where it’s required.

Get In Touch About Our Heating, Plumbing and Electrical Contractors

If you would like to find out more about our electrical contractors or heating and plumbing specialists and how they could help ensure the success of your commercial project, get in touch with a member of our team today for more details.