Did you know that now is the best time for a boiler service? It might be June, but soon the time will pass and it will be October again. The solstice is almost here and the days will be getting shorter. Soon you will need to consider if it is the right time to switch your boiler on again.

And while there might still be a few more months to live worry-free about keeping yourself warm, this is not to say that you should leave your boiler service for much longer. Here we explain why the summer months are the best time to call in the heating and plumbing engineers for a boiler service.

Reason 1: The boiler is switched off

In the summer months, you only need your boiler every so often to warm the water. But, although the pressure on the system is limited, it’s best to be prepared for when the heating puts a strain on it throughout the winter months. A check-up and some routine maintenance is useful before the pressure on your boiler ramps up again.

Calling in your engineer in the summer means you won’t be inconvenienced by the work. Also, the system will have settled and the chance of spotting a build-up of deposits is higher.

Reason 2: Issues can be rectified

In the summer, if there is a major issue, the problem can be rectified without that sense of emergency. If you lose heat in the winter, you will probably call out an emergency plumber, which could cost you a lot of money. By booking a boiler service in the summer, if there is a problem it can be put right with limited inconvenience.

If it turns out you need a new boiler, you will also have time to think about your options.

Reason 3: It is easier to get an appointment

Heating and plumbing engineers are busy in autumn and winter. Everyone else who hasn’t heeded advice on the summer being the best time for a boiler service, will be looking to book an appointment to have their boiler serviced, replaced or repaired. They may wait until October before they realise this needs to be done and have to wait weeks for an appointment. They also have no choice but to take time off because they could not choose the appointment time either.

Therefore, booking appointments in the summer months for your boiler service will be far more convenient for you.

Reason 4: Peace of mind

Inviting one of our Gas Safe registered Boiler Engineers to come and service your boiler will give you peace of mind. When you come to switch your boiler on for the first time in a while, you will feel toasty and warm in no time.

Contact Paine Manwaring today and we can arrange a boiler service appointment to suit your needs.