It is easy to believe that the work of a commercial plumber is the same as that of a domestic plumber. A pipe is a pipe, right?

While it is fair to assume that the plumber you hire should have the skillset to deal with your problems, there are distinct differences between the levels required to deal with a commercial building over a domestic one.

Paine Manwaring hires plumbers who can service commercial and domestic needs. When you call us, we’ll always send the person most qualified technician for the job. Here are the reasons why domestic and commercial plumbing is different:

Size and scale

A domestic building can be relatively large, but the requirements of the dwelling remain the same no matter how many bedrooms and reception rooms. There will be a kitchen, bathroom(s), and heating system requiring maintenance. Commercial and industrial premises tend always to be much more extensive and certainly more complex. A commercial building, for instance, can include offices, restaurants, shops, and a variety of businesses under one roof.

A commercial building tends to serve the needs of both employees and customers, who will be using the facilities more often. There needs to be a range of fixtures and fittings that are durable for heavy use. It means there will be more pipes and more outlets. If it is an office, the plumbing problems will require an understanding of workings across floors and identifying the impact of gravity on the functioning of pipes.

Level of complexity and time pressure

With size comes complexity, and so commercial buildings will take someone skilled to identify problems and offer solutions quickly. A residential property will suffer a specific set of problems with unfailing regularity. Therefore, walking into someone’s home as a domestic plumber is a quick matter of identifying which common issues you are facing.

Commercial buildings come with a mishmash of systems, and there is no set specification. Therefore, diagnosing problems takes skill and a deeper understanding of the interconnected workings of the whole system. A commercial plumber needs to be ready to deal with problems rarely faced by those dealing with residential buildings.

There is also more significant time pressure with commercial buildings. Chances are, the business owner needs a quick resolution to problems to avoid extended business downtime. Time costs the client money, and so the additional skill to identify problems and rectify them with speed is highly prized. Therefore, it makes sense to seek the most qualified to deal with commercial properties.

Regular service and maintenance

While a residential property will need a yearly service of a boiler and occasional maintenance of pipes, a commercial property will require regular intervention. For a homeowner, it makes perfect sense to reach out adhoc for a recommended domestic plumber when needs arise. However, there is a need for a reliable and trusted relationship between our technicians and the building owner for those managing a commercial property. To be successful, the commercial plumber can always be relied upon to show up in an emergency and know the workings of the property from previous visits.

Contact Paine Manwaring today, and we can arrange an appointment with one of our commercial or domestic plumbers, whichever suits your needs. The specialist knowledge and experience our plumbers bring will offer the best service for the problem you face.