As Spring cleaning gets firmly underway in households across the UK, it’s not only decluttering and deep cleans which are some of the biggest and best jobs to tick off the list.

Now is the perfect time to give your heating and plumbing system a good Spring clean, in order to ensure it’s working at its most efficient capacity. This way, you’ll not only stand a much better chance of saving money on those rising energy bills and give your boiler a longer lifespan, but heating and plumbing systems which run more efficiently have a better effect on the environment.

When it comes to spring cleaning your heating and plumbing systems, there are a few things you can do yourself, without too much trouble, to ensure you are being more energy efficient and saving on your bills. Try the following top tips:

  • Clear the debris from your air conditioning systems.
  • Check your radiators – clean off any dust which might be blocking the heat from getting through and turn off any radiators which are not in use regularly.
  • If you find cold spots on your radiators, it’s time to bleed them to allow trapped air to escape from the system.
  • Turn down your thermostat as the weather gets warmer.
  • Insulate your pipes to stop less heat from escaping.
  • Check external pipework for any problems that could get worse over time, such as small cracks or leaks – and get them fixed.
  • Make sure all windows and doors aren’t allowing warm air to escape – fit draught excluders, where required.

Give your boiler some attention

After a long hard slog over the autumn and winter months, it’s also a great time to check that your boiler is still working the way it should.

You can do this by checking that the pressure gauge is on the correct level when it’s cold (normal boiler pressure should be between 1-2 bars – this area is normally marked in green on the pressure gauge, with the red areas indicating low and high boiler pressure).

If you’ve discovered that your boiler pressure is too low, perhaps because you’ve got no heating or hot water, you can repressurise the system yourself to get it up to the required level. If this fails, then it’s time to call out a Gas Safe registered heating and plumbing engineer to investigate what could be causing the problem.

Another way to ensure your boiler is running efficiently is to get it serviced once a year. This way, not only will you guarantee you’re getting the best out of your boiler, but it should also mean that any potential problems will be spotted before they get any worse.

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