April is National Pet Month, and many of us at Paine Manwaring are keen lovers of our fluffy friends. People of the UK are, in general, pet lovers, with 8.5 million dogs and 7.4 million cats in the home.

National Pet Month is a charity aimed at bringing together those pet lovers, the businesses who serve pet owners, professional bodies and those who are fighting for the welfare of animals.

In support of the charity which brings us National Pet Month, we look to the electrics in your home and how this can help promote responsible pet ownership.


One of the most significant threats to our best friends is the electric cable. The odd puppy has been known to chew them; a cat may be tempted to bat them around. Although it may be either funny or annoying to the human in the house, it could lead to burns or shocks for the animal.

The obvious choice is to tuck the cable out of sight. However, this might not stop the most persistent. It is possible to buy split loom tubing from home improvement shops, which can cover the wire with a plastic layer. This will take some playful chewing without the cable being exposed and causing harm. This tubing tastes disgusting, especially if you spray it with lemon juice or vinegar.

A final point on cables should focus on mobile phone chargers and their wires. We tend to keep them charging overnight. This both seeps a little power throughout the night, costing you money, but also carries a charge that will be unpleasant to your pet when mischief strikes.

Cats and appliances

Cats love warm places. Devices such as computers give enticing hideaways for snoozing felines. Although this might not cause problems, it could. The danger that a wire is loose or frayed, causing a shock or even a fire, is there. If you want to dissuade your pet away from the warmth of the appliance, try making a nest near a radiator or a sunlit window. The heat is important, but so is the ability to snuggle in and feel a little invisible.

Heaters and bulbs beware

Certain bulbs can get very warm, particularly halogen bulbs. A shade on a lamp that keeps the bulb from a stray paw or tail would be a great home protector for animals. If knocked over, these lamps can also become a fire hazard, and some of our cats and dogs are known for their clumsiness.

More pressing is the potential danger from heaters that are placed on the floor, or straighteners and curling irons, or rings on the stove left on. A wandering paw could easily suffer significant burns. It could be worse: a cat brushing past a floor heater would be a disaster.

Water and electricity don’t mix

Finally, water and electricity are an awkward mix. Aquariums are a treat for cats, who love to dangle paws in and catch the fish. Make sure all the electric parts that light and heat the aquarium are well-maintained to protect your creature.

Other pets are not safe from the mix of water and electricity. Placing irons, or radios, or any other device, near the kitchen sink where it can be casually knocked in is never a good idea.

In protection of your home equipment too, make sure water is not left enticingly above electrical items. Pets seek fresh water to drink throughout the day and may do all sorts to get some refreshments – spillages are not beyond imagination!

The very reason we love our pets, their curiosity and their playfulness, are the reasons we need to take a look around our homes and make them pet-friendly.

If you would like to find out more about electrical safety in the home, or you need a local electrician you can rely on, give us a call. Our experienced and qualified electricians can offer a service that’s second to none.