We are betting you didn’t realise that plumbing is an absolute barrel of laughs. Did you think it was all plungers and sewage?

Well, we are here to debunk that serious myth by providing the ultimate list of fun facts about plumbing – if only to bring a smile to your face when your toilet might be blocked.

Fact 1: The word plumber derives from plumbum. Plumbum is Latin for lead (Pb), so your plumber is a person who used to work with lead. We are not sure calling our engineers a bum would go down so well so we will stick with plumber.

Fact 2: The claim that Mr Crapper invented the toilet is something of an amusing myth. Alexander Cummings invented the first flushing toilet in 1775, but the origin of the idea comes from John Harrington as far back as 1596. Hence, we call the toilet the “John” and also the “Crapper” – Thomas Crapper did help make them popular after all.

Fact 3: You could save up to 3000 gallons of water a year by mending your leaky tap.

Fact 4: Fit a slow flushing toilet, and you could save up to 18000 gallons of water a year. You can save even more if you only flush for a number two.

Fact 5: In the past, the French called the toilet “la chambre sent”, or the room smells. The British call a French toilet a hole in the ground.

Fact 6: Tywin Lannister was killed by his son while sat on the toilet in Game of Thrones. King George II died falling off