A plumbing emergency is never welcome in the home, whatever time of year it rears its ugly head.

When the Siberian chill hit us as February moved into March this year, our plumbers and heating engineers found themselves busier than ever dealing with issues such as frozen pipes and boiler breakdowns.

In addition to the cost and inconvenience of finding a local plumber in an emergency, the coldest weather is the worst possible time to be left with no heating, bathroom facilities or hot water.

While we’re always happy to come out to fix any plumbing issue, there’s a lot that can be done to protect your plumbing and help prevent emergencies in the first place.

Leaking or burst pipes and a blocked toilet are some of the biggest plumbing problems to arise in the home and these can be avoided by doing the following five things:

Avoid blocked toilets and drains

Only put toilet paper and sewage down the toilet. Baby wipes, nappies, sanitary products etc can cause huge blockages which can be costly and time consuming to repair. In areas with old pipework, these problems can even extend further along the line to cause issues for your neighbours too.

Avoid clogged pipes

Never pour hot oil or grease down the sink, this will only harden as it cools and block the pipes. Instead, pour the oil into a container and when it goes hard, you can throw it in the bin with the rest of the rubbish. Similarly, try to scrape food scraps into the bin and reduce the amount that’s going down the sink.

Look after your pipework

Don’t hang garments or anything else from any exposed pipework. This can lead the pipes to become weak and make them more likely to burst or spring a leak should the water pressure get too much. You can also protect any pipes that are in colder areas of the home by insulating them during the colder months.

Remove hair from plugholes

By doing the unpleasant job of removing hair and soap scum from plugholes on a regular basis, you can stop a simple problem from becoming a more serious and costly one. A good idea is to look into buying a drain cover for your shower which will catch it all before it goes down the sink.

Spot problems before they become worse

You should always regularly inspect your plumbing and pipework for any cracks, leaks or wear and tear. Often issues are easier and much more cost effective to fix the earlier they’re identified.

Remember, also, to have your plumbing and boiler regularly checked by an experienced professional plumber or heating engineer, who will be able to identify potential problems, carry out servicing and repairs before they become more costly or severe.

For any emergency plumbing repairs, servicing or maintenance, get in touch with the team at Paine Manwaring today. Our qualified plumbers, electricians and heating specialists cover the whole of Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire and we are always pleased to help.